Rawhide Lund

I have a band, Rawhide Lund. The band performs songs written mostly by myself. The name comes from the Sixties series Rawhide. Clint Eastwood was in that series. The signature song was so exciting. I loved cowboy movies, preferably the native americans in them. Apaches in the series High Charparral. Lakotas in other movies. And the names, Geronimo, Cochise, Sitting Bull, (called him Sitting Bill by mistake), Tecumseh, Pontiac, Crazy Horse, Uncas, Mangas Coloradas so exotic and cool! And suddenly I started to cheer the First Nation warriors in every movie I saw. I started to study more and more about their culture and realized quite soon how Hollywood’s view of the Natives differed from what had really happened to the first inhabitants of the American continent.

Anyway, during the years I played alternative countryrock a la Neil Young/ The Byrds I tried to name the band I played in Rawhide. But was voted down every time. Then I came up with a plan! Next band I start will be named before I get people to join it! So I asked: -Do you wanna be in my band Rawhide? It worked!

But the music wasn’t alternative country anymore, I got tired of it and wanted to write about me so the band had the mixture of Gasolin’/Iggy Pop/New York Dolls as musical direction. And when songs appeared on SoundCloud I realized that in the MidWest America there were several bands called Rawhide. Alas the name Rawhide Lund where Lund is the city we comes from…

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