What’s beyond?

A friend of mine sent a photo taken by her sister. During sleep the sister dreamed of her deceased son. In the dream the son had transformed to an E.T. She woke up from the dream, the room was still dark, she grabbed her cell phone and took a picture pointing the camera out in the room. This is the picture.

bittes picture
bittes picture


The First of September, a beautful autumn day, colours are deep red,yellow, light brown and gold. Even the taste of the english word autumn is filled with apple flavours. the dog discovers new smells on the morning walk. There is a light mist. Taste the word mist. That’s also a beautiful word. It taste of mint and a sweet coolness.

“How nice it is to disappear
Float into a mist
With a young lady on your arm
Looking for a kiss” (Lou Reed, Vanishing Act)