Summer of deep thoughts

This summer there has been acts of public violence around the world that has come very close to us in Scandinavia. Germany have had several. The most recent this morning. It is my belief that the perpetrators want us humans to hate each other. To blame each other for everything that is wrong in the world. I can’t understand the way these people think. I believe that we must not fall in their trap. Not build up hatred. Not seek confrontation. Non-violence. Mutual understanding. This is very, very hard but we must not give up.



Tomorrow is the swedish midsummer. Actually it’s the 21 of June but the powers to be wanted the wheels of the industry to continue rolling until the nearest weekend came. Midsummer in Sweden is full of traditions but one gets bored after some years and today my family celebrate it by eating good food and drinking good beverage. Many young people parties like crazy and there are always reports about traffic accidents, violence, drunkeness the days after midsummer.

Enter: a new beginning

For six years I have been co-founder and chairman of the Rocknroll Club in Lund, Sweden. It has been a bumpy ride, and still is. It has been a lot of hard work. Incredible hard work, non-profit. I have gained friends, and lost some. It’s inevitable. But somewhat sad. Have I changed? Probably. Have others changed? Probably. This autumn there will be a new place for the club -and the association. That much, I know.  The rest is uncertain. And all I really wanted to do was just to play Rock’n’Roll.

The lights of Copenhagen

Last week me and the wife was in Copenhagen on a concert. It was at the Forum in the part of Copenhagen called Fredriksbjerg. Fredriksbjerg is a municipality surrounded by the City of Copenhagen in all directions. In Sweden Fredriksbjerg would have been merged with the larger city around it. But not in Denmark. So Fredriksbjerg lives on and is alive and kicking. Anyway; Copenhagen is home, memories, childhood and scents and sounds. I love the streets, the street names, the houses and buildings, the shops and all the other things that makes Copenhagen so familiar to me. Even the constant flow of cars, busses and bike riders is something I like. And the very creative way of parking a car is charming. As the capital of Denmark the city has it’s problems, of course. All major cities does. But the positive side exceed by far the negative. If I could, I would be there more often. But Copenhagen is also beautiful from a distance. From across the sound for instance. The glittering, twinkling lights from Copenhagen seen from the swedish side of Öresund are full of warmth and ladden with memories of people long gone. It’s like a greeting from afar. We are here, waiting for you when it’s your time to make the final journey. Not on a chariot or on angel wings but on an old DSB-ferry by the name Hamlet.

Rawhide Lund

I have a band, Rawhide Lund. The band performs songs written mostly by myself. The name comes from the Sixties series Rawhide. Clint Eastwood was in that series. The signature song was so exciting. I loved cowboy movies, preferably the native americans in them. Apaches in the series High Charparral. Lakotas in other movies. And the names, Geronimo, Cochise, Sitting Bull, (called him Sitting Bill by mistake), Tecumseh, Pontiac, Crazy Horse, Uncas, Mangas Coloradas so exotic and cool! And suddenly I started to cheer the First Nation warriors in every movie I saw. I started to study more and more about their culture and realized quite soon how Hollywood’s view of the Natives differed from what had really happened to the first inhabitants of the American continent.

Anyway, during the years I played alternative countryrock a la Neil Young/ The Byrds I tried to name the band I played in Rawhide. But was voted down every time. Then I came up with a plan! Next band I start will be named before I get people to join it! So I asked: -Do you wanna be in my band Rawhide? It worked!

But the music wasn’t alternative country anymore, I got tired of it and wanted to write about me so the band had the mixture of Gasolin’/Iggy Pop/New York Dolls as musical direction. And when songs appeared on SoundCloud I realized that in the MidWest America there were several bands called Rawhide. Alas the name Rawhide Lund where Lund is the city we comes from…