It’s just a ride


I am a passenger on this ride called Life. -It’s just a ride, like the late Bill Hicks said.- I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark many years ago. Of that I’m very proud, as an adult i.e. , not when I was a boy. Then I was ashamed of being slightly different from the rest of the friends. I am the father of two daughters. The pride of my life. I have a woman in my life. She makes me a better person. I hold many beliefs but few opinions. Opinions store energy that you need for other things. Especially negative opinions. This blog will be like a palette of thoughts, views and pictures of what makes me tick. I’m like the cat basking in the sun, dozing off, when suddenly something catches my attention and I’m up on all four, fully alert and focused…:-) The blog will be written in english and swedish and sometimes danish as some of my -hopefully- future followers don’t speak swedish and I am a danish passenger living in Sweden with lots of friends abroad.