Beyond Quantum Healing – BQH

I have taken an education in a method called Beyond Quantum Healing- BQH ®. That is a concept by Candac Crow-Goldman where one mixes everything one has learnt in different alternative techniques with the power of the Quantum Healing…I accept clients from of Dec 2018… feel free to e-mail me:

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I have also started to look deeper into tapping techniques like EFT, Emotional Frequency Tapping®, and the Havening Technique®, very interesting and over time I hope to take those classes to add to my toolbox.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), the Dolores Cannon method



I am a QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® Level 1 Practitioner in Lund in Sweden.

I do healing sessions with the help of the clients own resources within.

During a long interview we set the intention for the following session that is done with the client in a hypnotic state. After the session there is also a interview about what has happened and how to proceed from there. We also do a recording of the session for you to listen to afterwards. As I am a skilled coach since many years we also can go in the coaching direction after a QHHT-session.

I do the sessions in Swedish, Danish or English.

A session takes at least 2,5 hours up to 4 hours,

contact for booking and price:


What’s beyond?

A friend of mine sent a photo taken by her sister. During sleep the sister dreamed of her deceased son. In the dream the son had transformed to an E.T. She woke up from the dream, the room was still dark, she grabbed her cell phone and took a picture pointing the camera out in the room. This is the picture.

bittes picture
bittes picture


The First of September, a beautful autumn day, colours are deep red,yellow, light brown and gold. Even the taste of the english word autumn is filled with apple flavours. the dog discovers new smells on the morning walk. There is a light mist. Taste the word mist. That’s also a beautiful word. It taste of mint and a sweet coolness.

“How nice it is to disappear
Float into a mist
With a young lady on your arm
Looking for a kiss” (Lou Reed, Vanishing Act)


There are parasites and they feed on us humans. Both external parasites and internal. Both psychic and physical parasites. Let’s elaborate the concept psychic parasites. You know when you have met one. You know it afterward. Not during the encounter. They disguise themselves. They are very good at it. That’s why we run in to them all the time. They seek the strong and loving humans to feed on their energy. And to distort it into negativity. That makes them happy. The more miserable you feel the happier they get. And stronger. But as you get aware of their existence you also gets better at spotting them. And the sooner you spot them the easier it gets to handle them. This is common knowledge everywhere, except in the western world. This is why consumerism has been us westeners only way to try to balance the negativity and unhappiness that many feel in their lives today. Have you ever noticed how people look in shopping centres? Do they look happy or content? I think we must start filling our hearts with abundance of relations instead of commodities. Value wealth in terms of how many deep and loving relationsships one have instead of how many commodities one have. And then the parasites can’t drain you of energy. They shy away from love, happiness, compassion etc…

Rawhide Lund

I have a band, Rawhide Lund. The band performs songs written mostly by myself. The name comes from the Sixties series Rawhide. Clint Eastwood was in that series. The signature song was so exciting. I loved cowboy movies, preferably the native americans in them. Apaches in the series High Charparral. Lakotas in other movies. And the names, Geronimo, Cochise, Sitting Bull, (called him Sitting Bill by mistake), Tecumseh, Pontiac, Crazy Horse, Uncas, Mangas Coloradas so exotic and cool! And suddenly I started to cheer the First Nation warriors in every movie I saw. I started to study more and more about their culture and realized quite soon how Hollywood’s view of the Natives differed from what had really happened to the first inhabitants of the American continent.

Anyway, during the years I played alternative countryrock a la Neil Young/ The Byrds I tried to name the band I played in Rawhide. But was voted down every time. Then I came up with a plan! Next band I start will be named before I get people to join it! So I asked: -Do you wanna be in my band Rawhide? It worked!

But the music wasn’t alternative country anymore, I got tired of it and wanted to write about me so the band had the mixture of Gasolin’/Iggy Pop/New York Dolls as musical direction. And when songs appeared on SoundCloud I realized that in the MidWest America there were several bands called Rawhide. Alas the name Rawhide Lund where Lund is the city we comes from…

Naturen är besjälad



Min övertygelse är att naturen är besjälad. Vad betyder det? Att naturen har ett medvetande och en livskraft och är del av ett större sammanhang där planeten Jorden, solsystemet och Universum ingår och samverkar. Det betyder också att varenda liten sten, organism och energi vibrerar och lever. Vi är ett, endast separerade av illusioner. Framförallt illusionen om att människan idag 2016 vet allt som är värt att veta och på nåt fantastiskt vis också i förväg kan vet vad som kommer att vara värt att veta i framtiden.

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vägen till Hörjelgården
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